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Gold Buyers POS – Point of Sale Software

Data Age, an established leader in the point of sale software industry, brings you the gold/jewelry POS (point of sale) software and hardware tools you need to operate your own outlet for buying precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum. While the credit system is in dire straits, paper money is becoming less valuable, the trade and budget deficits paint a morbid picture. Precious metals are today’s best means to protect your wealth and hedge against the chaos of these times.

Buy/Sell Plus for GOLD provides a robust operational support system that introduces greater efficiencies to the everyday needs of employees and management. Our Gold POS (point of sale) software tools are designed to help you define spot prices and automate the percent spot prices you will pay. Audit your assets easily, monitor your employee transactions, and prevent employee theft.

Whether you have one storefront or multiple stores, Buy/Sell Plus for Gold will bring you the efficiencies you need to provide prompt customer service, and sound procedures to standardize your Gold Buying operation using our easily managed POS software solution.

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Gun Shop Software – Management System

Data Age’s Buy/Sell Plus is a Gun Shop Software – Management System designed to help firearm re-sellers operate with greater efficiency. Buying and selling firearms, ammunition, and accessories can be a very labor intensive process. Whether you have a single store or multiple stores, Buy/Sell Plus Point of Sale software for Guns provides you with a Microsoft Windows based product that simplifies Acquisitions, Dispositions, Maintenance, and Reporting.

With Buy/Sell Plus for Guns POS, you can quickly and easily retrieve customer files. You can scan IDs to minimize data entry or use hot-keys to facilitate transactions. Password protect your data with biometric fingerprint technology and give your system stronger security. Streamline gun and firearm inventory management for accuracy and by the minute accountability, assess key performance marketing indicators and interface with QuickBooks accounting. Intuitive reports give you a comprehensive outlook that helps you make decisions easier.

Grow your business with Buy/Sell Plus for Gun (Firearms Software) Shops. Call Data Age today!


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