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Buy/Sell Plus

We designed our LiquorTraks POS with a user-friendly interface that maintains detailed customer histories, and helps enforce best practices. LiquorTraks POS streamlines retail inventory management allowing you to perform inventory audits quickly and accurately. Robust reporting capabilities enable you to easily track and manage inventory in the warehouse and set recording triggers. Biometric fingerprint identification and ID scanning can help you verify the age of customers and accelerate the check-out process.

LiquorTraks POS allows you to instantly respond to market dynamics that are critical in today’s environment where liquor competition is found within grocery stores, convenience stores, gas stations, superstores, and warehouse clubs.

  • Interface Retail and Accounting Functions
  • Respond to Customer Packaging Demands, Optimizing Merchandising
  • Track Multiple Quantity Packaging Back to a Single SKU
  • Manage Inventories with our Robust UPC Liquor Database
  • Track Accurate COGS with FIFO Inventory Control
  • Capture Inventories Faster with Wireless and RFID Technologies
  • Enhance Professionalism and Customer Service
  • Manage Customer Loyalty Programs
  • Analyze Data with Robust and Flexible Reporting
  • Monitor and Control Cash Management, Purchasing, and Employee Performance
  • Integrate with Remote Digital Surveillance Systems
  • Use Bar Codes to Track Inventory

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